The Components of Il Convitto Armonico

The Directors

Stefano Buschini

Stefano Buschini, the Conductor of Il Convitto Armonico, was born in La Spezia in 1961. He graduated on Choir direction in the Conservatorio "G. Puccini" of La Spezia with Francesco Rizzi and Fabio Lombardo. He studied piano and choir direction in is birthplace. He studied with Marco Berrini, Bruno Raffaele Foti, Giovanni Acciai and Steve Woodbury.

Mº Stefano Buschini
Mº Stefano Buschini photography

He specialized on "Prassi esecutiva" (history of musical performance) of renaissance polyphony with Giovanni Acciai.

He improved his skills on choir direction technique attending various master class directed by recognized teacher like Per-Gunnar Alldahl, Gary Graden, Peter Phillips, Ghislaine Morgan, Mario Mora, Carl Hogset, The King's Singers and with The Hilliard Ensemble.

He studied vocal techniques with his father Oreste Buschini, and with Steve Woodbury and Ghislaine Morgan" (The Tallis Scholars, UK).

He directed the "San Bernardo" choir (La Spezia) between 1981 and 1983.

He founded the "Centro Corale Concertistico Borghetto di Vara", in 1989: this was the first center of choir didactic in the Val di Vara region (La Spezia). He teached in various series of lectures on vocal technique, musical theory and choir repertoire, and he directed the choir of the center until 1992.

He founded Il Convitto Armonico vocal ensemble in 1990, from the joining of singers from different musical experiences with the common wish to study early vocal music.

Since then, Il Convitto Armonico vocal ensemble won five national choir competitions: Marano Vicentino (1996), Quartiano (1997, were they also won the prizes for the best execution of the Franchino Gaffurio's compulsory piece and for the best execution of the free piece), Quarona Sesia (1997), Gran Premio "Efrem Casagrande" (Vittorio Veneto, 1998 ---a competition reserved to former winner of a national competition---), Concorso Nazionale Corale "Città di Zagarolo" (Roma) in 2006. Stefano Buschini has directed the vocal ensemble on more than 300 concerts, liturgical execution, choir competitions in Italy and abroad.

Stefano Buschini has been a jury member of various national choir competitions: Marano Vicentino (1997) and Quartiano (2001).

He studied vocal technique applied to choir at the Sidney Sussex College of Cambridge with David Skinner, musical director, and Ghislaine Morgan, singer and teacher.

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Marco Montanelli

Marco Montanelli, the Artistic Director of Il Convitto Armonico, was born in La Spezia in 1961. He studied piano in is birthplace with R. Martucci and after in Pisa with G. Semeraro. He graduated at the P. Mascagni Conservatory (Livorno).

Mº Marco Montanelli
Mº Marco Montanelli photography

He then graduated on harpsichord with Barbara Petrucci in the "G. Puccini" Conservatory (La Spezia).

He has a master on Discipline delle Arti, Musica e Spettacolo (DAMS) (Lettere e Filosofia Faculty of the Università degli Studi di Bologna), with a thesis on Organology and Musical instruments history.

He attended various master class with recognized harpsichord virtuoso and teachers: Gordon Murray (Venise, 1994), Georges Kiss (Massa, 1996), Francesca Lanfranco (La Spezia, 1995/96), Frédérick Haas (Milan, 1999), Paola Erdas (Genova, 2002); he also studied basso continuo practice and music in an ensemble with Francesco Cera (Pistoia, 1992), William Horn and the Wien Barock (La Spezia, 1995), with Daniele Bragetti (Lavagna, 1996) and Jesper Christensen (Urbino, 1999).

Since 1996 he is harpsichord accompanist in the violino barocco (taught by Donella Terenzio) and viola da gamba classes (taught by Bruno Re) in the Corsi Internazionali di Musica Antica di Moneglia.

He teach (in normal lessons and concert-lessons) in the Università dell'Età libera of Sarzana (1997) and in the Università del Tempo Libero of Bolano (1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001).

He is founder, Artistic director and singer of Il Convitto Armonico vocal ensemble, and has an intense concert activity as harpsichord player both as a soloist and in chamber groups (among which are the Concerto Antiquo, Dramatodia, Baschenis Ensemble, Ensemble Vivaldi, Ensemble Scelsi, Hyperion etc.). He participated to various recordings.

He is also music teacher.

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