With Hillard Ensemble (2005)
Convitto with Hillard Ensemble picture


The study of the historic fonts (for execution remarks and music meaning) is mandatory for an Historically Informed Performance (HIP). In the particular case of the renaissance music (which is the most important part of our repertoire) the feeling and temporal distance from that time requires a long study with specialists of the period. The components of Il Convitto Armonico also know that the correct use of the vocal instrument, respectful of the renaissance practice, is extremely important for a perfect and pleasant reconstruction of a musical pieces of that time..

For those reasons, the ensemble participated, since the foundation of the group, to various corses and master classes with renaissance music specialists: Marco Berrini, Giovanni Acciai, Stephen Woodbury and, more recently, Patrizia Vaccari ("Vocality and ancient music", La Spezia, April 2005), The King's Singers ("Study of choir techniques and music score", Varese, July 2005) and The Hilliard Ensemble ("Choir sound in the ancient repertoire" , November 2005, and "Choir singing" , March 2007, Florence, Amici della musica), Walter Testolin, David Skinner.



Vocal education is done regularly by Il Convitto Armonico thank to the collaboration with international teachers, as Ghislaine Morgan, vocal trainer of Sidney Sussex College Chapel Choir in Cambridge.